SPWLA 60th Annual Symposium Call for Abstracts
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The SPWLA Board of Directors invites you to join us in The Woodlands, TX, USA, June 15-19, 2019 to showcase your new technologies and innovations at the60th Annual Logging Symposium.
The past few years have seen some dramatic changes in the oil and gas industry. Increasing production from unconventional resources and the eventual oversupply of oil based on the predicted high oil price and the reality of much lower prices has led to the need for more innovative technology. Of particular importance to the petrophysical profession is the rapidly increasing number of new wells where little or no log information is acquired. Ideas and new techniques using log data to derive answers that can improve completion design should be showcased.
We are soliciting papers in the following categories:
  • Formation Evaluation of Conventional Reservoirs - Case histories, new technologies and studies in clastics as well as carbonates covering low contrast pay, thin beds, fresh formation water etc.
  • Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs - New technologies and techniques that are designed for the specific issues faced by operators in tight oil/gas formations and shale-rich formations.
  • Machine Learning - Reservoir characterization methods that use core or other database inputs and outputs to train model-independent mapping functions for predicting reservoir properties from well logging data (supervised learning) or methods that use pattern recognition or clustering algorithms for quality control of data and/or extraction of useful reservoir information (unsupervised learning).
  • Case Studies - New and interesting studies for evaluating reservoirs.
  • Completion Petrophysics - Hydraulic fracturing modeling, rock mechanics, completion optimization, case studies in spacing studies and stimulated reservoir volume.
  • New Borehole Logging Technology - Resistivity, nuclear, sonic, magnetic resonance, pressure/sampling, mud logging, imaging tool design and advancements in acquisition, processing, and data interpretation.
  • Reservoir and Production Surveillance - Production logging, cement integrity, enhanced oil recovery, and formation evaluation technologies used to optimize reservoir performance.
  • Formation Evaluation Behind Casing - Formation evaluation techniques based on measurements made in cased wellbores including those that integrate openhole data with cased hole measurements.
  • Deep Water Reservoir Analysis - New techniques and studies that are applicable to the Gulf of Mexico and other deep-water environments.
  • Petrophysics in Brownfields - New technologies and techniques applied to brownfield production and development. Making economic wells in older developed fields with high water cuts and low hydrocarbon flow rates.
To get started
  • Our members look for papers containing strong technical and innovative content at our symposiums.
  • The information contained in your abstract is the basis for the acceptance of your paper into the technical program.
  • Complete a separate online form for each abstract submitted. For multiple authors, the submission should come only from the designated corresponding author.
  • Abstracts must be submitted no later than Sunday, October 28, 2018.
  • Your abstract should contain 200-500 words. Do not feel obligated to use the full-allotted length.
  • Refrain from commercialism and focus on the promotion of petrophysics and formation evaluation.
  • Digital abstract submission platform with new and improved functionality http://www.spwlaworld.org/abstract-submission

Notifications and important dates
  • Acceptance of abstracts will be made in December 2018 and you will need to prepare a manuscript for both oral and/or e-poster categories.
  • If selected, your abstract will be published on the SPWLA Symposium website in March 2019.
  • You will be required to submit a draft manuscript for the Symposium transactions by April 29,2019.
  • After submitting your draft manuscript it will go through a minimal technical committee review process to ensure clarity and to avoid commercialism.
  • You will receive notice of the review results and your final manuscript is due on or before May 13th.
  • Before submitting your final manuscript you must agree to meet all deadlines. SPWLA has a policy of No Paper, No Podium (or e-Poster). Authors who do not submit their manuscripts by the due date will be removed from the program and replaced by an alternate paper.
  • Your submitted abstract and your final manuscript must not differ. Before making revisions to the original content of the reviewed and accepted abstract you must seek approval from the technology committee.
  • For questions, please contact Stephanie Turner at SPWLA, (+1) 713-947-8727 or email [email protected]

Please note that for the 2019 symposium we are considering running dual sessions. The decision on whether to do this or not will be made at a later date and be at least partly dependent on the number of abstracts received.

We look forward to reviewing your abstracts!

James Hemingway
Vice-President Technology 2018-2019
Over the last 59 years, the SPWLA has played a major global role in strengthening petrophysical education and strives to increase the awareness of the role petrophysics has in the oil and gas industry and the scientific community.

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